I am my own definition.

August 20, 2016
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You left me in the dark,
What the hell is wrong?
Well I guess it was not me after all,
Heard all the things you said,
Lies get around on threads,
You can not break them when they are already said,
But that don't mean they're true,
Enough to define me for you,
Let me define myself for you.

Yes you were right on one thing,
You think I am b****,
You think I am a liar,
But one thing is true about you,
You think I am one damn good songwriter,
But in the end it is okay because I know,
I’m a better person than you.

You always told me,
I could never fulfill my dreams,
But look at me now,
Ruling the crowd,
You're not getting rid of me now.

You say I am a b****,
You say I am a liar
You think I am one good damn songwriter,
But I’m also strong enough to defeat you,
I won’t let your words stick to me like glue,
Because in the end,
I know I am going to make it further than you.

You may think I am one piece of trash,
And that may be true,
But hold tight,
Because this b**** is write her way into fame,
You're not going to stop her,
No ones gonna stop her,
This b**** is on her way to set world records.

She went through the fire,
She fought her way out,
And then she picked up the pen,
The crowd thought she was giving in,
But instead she brought the pen down and wrote a billion stories instead,
She wasn't giving in,
This b**** isn't dead,
Instead she is off,
making millions,
Showing all the girls in the world,
They can succeed through all the hurt,
Don’t have to give in,
Just change the characters and the plot,
And you're off.

Your life is your own story,
You can change you want,
Just remember do not ever change yourself,
Because you are perfect just the way you are,
Believe that,
And b**** you are on your way to becoming,
A super star.

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