I Can

August 10, 2016
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I sleep with an imaginary you every single night, convinvcing I didn't let you go.

I reeked of toxicity and I know you could smell it, denial leaked from that beautiful mouth that used to kiss me.

You were so mirthful in the beginning and I broke you down with this lustful darkness, because it loved your light.

Because I could, that was my reason- I had the power and I loved it, you were wrapped around my finger.

So beautiful you were, I fell in love with what I had created- I had conformed you into another victim of darkness.

I had to let you go, because I could feel the self destruction from you- you planned on leaving the earth.

I had to break myself down, to give you an opprotunity for you to build yourself up.

Because I could, that was my only reason.

I sleep with an imaginary you because I can, and I can't break a memories heart.

 I love you...because I can, that is my only damn reason.

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