Blissfully Damned

August 5, 2016
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Moan the name you curse, your beautiful mouth brings me to my knees to the earth.

God bless you for breaking this heart, marks of passion appear on your flesh where my finger tips gripped.

Kisses of innocence turned into ash and kisses of need rose back from the dead.

The way you scream as my hot breath comforts your neck sends my body into a frenzy of flames.

Sinking into your body, longing to become one with you- seeing your naked beautiful.

Gripping my arms, you're sent to another world where there is only your light to calm my darkness. Lurking.

The hands you used to push me away now grip my back, needing to release the light you've held deep within you.

Blissfully damned you are my dear, lost in my eyes and the pleasure that bleeds from them- true power.

Pale eyes and pale dreams you dreamed when the day ruined you, release and scream the name you curse.

You screamed my name, a smile appearing on my lips- your light has been released.

Blissfully damned you are my love, so beautiful.

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