The Harrison Game Room

July 26, 2016
By Carnaby GOLD, Dorset, Vermont
Carnaby GOLD, Dorset, Vermont
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Five miles out of town

you’ll see a child’s face

formed by green neon lights

at this building of disgrace

I made a friend one year back

and we go on summer nights,

to toss daisies at the men

who start these drugged fights


At the Harrison Game Room,
the pool table is cracked,
the lamps are shining red
and the last man’s been sacked

   Verse 2:
Starting with the barmaid,
with hair of silicone
that dances in a frenzy
when she grasps the telephone
For she’s wanted in any way,
some lowly soul can get her
they might lacerate her pupils,
when they tire of her purr

(Chorus repeats) 

Verse 3:
Harmonies are muffled
on the battered radio
while the voices of
the convicts in their cameo
spit on shattered hearts
of some teenage street girls
who commonly snap their heels
and mistake pure s*** for pearls

   (Chorus repeats)

   Verse 4:

To some these aphotic
zones are hopeless hells
of musty men and s***s
though their hero knows what sells
for crooked teeth and callused toes
won’t make the stock exchange
so we oppress the needy
and claim the rogues are strange

   (Chorus repeats)

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