This Soul of Mine

July 25, 2016
By Mairi317 PLATINUM, Nashville, Tennessee
Mairi317 PLATINUM, Nashville, Tennessee
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-J.R.R. Tolkien

It wakes me up in the dead of darkness,

when the world is quiet.

It rattles inside me, shaking my bones, 

it won't ever let me be. 

I can't control it, I can't define it,

and it

keeps me red-eyed,

keeps me tongue-tied,

keeps me locked-up crazy,

but it keeps me alive,

this soul of mine.


It always wants more and can't ever settle.

It holds its body to too high a standard,

and doesn't always see its worth.

I can't mend it, I can't fix it,

but it

drives me forward,

drives me upward,

drives me to insanity,

and it keeps me alive,

this soul of mine.

The author's comments:

Written: 7/14/16


Maybe not quite finished, but I wanted to upload what I have.

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