S.B.M.O (Stuck But Moving On)

July 7, 2016
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I used to have love.
For real.
She was all I ever cared about.
I tried to treat her like a queen everyday.
Cause i knew treat something right you'll lose it forever.
I couldn't wait to get to school.
Just hearing her voice would put me in a good mood.
Now all of a sudden, all I see is black.
I lost her. Forever and she never coming back.
I felt like I had just been stabbed in the the heart when I saw her with another dude.
Every night I dream about her.
Swear it would make me melt when I saw her smile.
I would buy her gifts,trying to let her know she was a queen.
Making sure there wasn't a  rift, between, us.
But it didnt matter in the end.
I grew dark in the end.
She left me for another dude.
A better dude. I got nothing but respect  for her and the n***a.
I just wish I could have done better(betta).
I just wish I got the shot to, improve.
But its over now.
There is no OT
(The) Score is final, and I took the, L.
So now I'm the one in the dark with
My emotions pushing me over the edge.
Steady contemplating, thinking about what I did wrong.
But I learned something that day.
That day I learned love is not for me, and it never, will,(longer pause) be.
That day I learned that I was never meant to have anyone, and that will always, be.
That day I learned that I will die alone in the world.
With no one ever to talk to and that will always, be

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