Just Me.

May 30, 2014
There’s a lot people don’t know
When it comes to me
There’s a lot I keep away
There’s a lot they can’t see

Favorite food, movies, games
They’re all just material things
It’s who I really am, deep inside
That’s the truth that I hide

I’d like to be able to believe
In things that I know could never be
When this is all over, I’d like to say
That I’m proud of who I am today

If I could tell the world
Just who I am, I would
But I never thought I was capable
I never realized I could

But things have finally changed
I finally know I’m not the same
So who I am, every part
It’s not material, but deep inside my heart

So this is my way to show
All the things no one knows
This is your chance to get to know me
Not the girl I’ve changed to be

But just me.

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