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Teen Ego

May 15, 2014
By Rubythegem PLATINUM, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Rubythegem PLATINUM, Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
"I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing."

Verse 1:
We're all leading double lives
Cutting off old badges in order to survive
With teenage gravity, center of everything
Maniacs armed with words that slice like knives
Only just a short time
'till teenage angst sets in
Anxious, searching for the end,
For real life to begin
Egocentric everything
Hide yourself within
Scared out of our teenage minds
Life's a game you're in,
but not one you can win
Let's lose ourselves inside the problems
Only we can feel
Let's see through everything that's fake
and imagine what is real
Let's Dream of stars at night and
Being famous in the day
Let's skip school but learn the facade
Of everything we hate
Egocentric everything, the future's far away

Verse 2:
Always late for everything
Itching to scratch the welt of all parental sting
With a teenage brain, you've figured out the world
The solution's ultimatum: nothing
Only just a little wait
till all the angst comes in
Ready for a severed end
For the real world to begin
You know all and everything'Life is but a whim
Scares us out of all our minds
Life's a game you're in, but not one you can win


La la la la (Repeat)


Egocentric teenage dream
The future's here today

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