The Wall

March 31, 2014
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it is the jitters and shakes,
The shivers and the happy place,
A dark demon, and it’s blessing,
the deep breathing and reassessing,
cleaning it all up and throwing it all away,
Rebuilding and reconstructing,
not knowing when to quit, or when to pray.
gluing and shaping in hopes of that infallible wall,
one must keep the demons out.
and, ah, the sun shines for days,
but then the structure dismembers,
and the biased bricks start to crumble.
and you stand there,
stronger every time,
and hold these broken bricks in vain,
the time is here again,
for the demons whisper,
to call for our name,
to seep through these walls,
and hit us into parts,
just like the clouds rain down with broken hearts.
The demons retreat,
and the dreary clouds clear,
clarity means you can pick up the pieces.
to find the origin of a contented creation
the struggle through the rubble,
to find that foundation.
you start over, feeling wrong
because all you had has disappeared.
and misery’s sweet song,
is all that is felt with your ears,
the sky is sad,
but my shoulders catch the tears
and all that’s left in the air is fear
and on your face a grin,
build it back up,
and watch it all fall again.

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