This Again

January 29, 2014
“You look dead on your feet,”
you say, not knowing how it’s true.
“I’m fine,” I snap, a quick retreat
from everything I wish you knew.

Instead I turn and walk away,
So I can’t see your worried face,
This loneliness the price I pay
To repeat the same mistakes.

I want to tell you what’s gone wrong,
That I won’t be alright.
My sleepless nights last far too long,
Alone with dreams that hold me to the light.

I’m not a pretty suicide,
A tragedy romanticized,
Ophelia singing as she died,
Only an ending come too late.
I have no mournful lover’s sighs,
No veil of tears obscures my eyes
As I dream beneath empty skies.
I chose this pathway wide awake.

Would you miss me? Never mind,
I know tomorrow you’ll be fine.
Will you miss me? Will you miss me?
Will you miss me?
Never mind,
Tomorrow and tomorrow
And tomorrow
You’ll be fine.

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SedonaJ said...
Feb. 4, 2014 at 9:51 am
Loved this!
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