The Shower

January 29, 2014
The shower,
I stand in the bathroom waiting to be saved,
sitting arms folded,
waiting for the day I cave.

The water pours overhead,
and you get the immediate feeling your drowning,
that you'll soon be dead,
you let go, and you slip away,
a little too slow, you pick up your head,
gasp, tremble, and slump.

Hair on your back and in your face,
you stay in one place,
tears may or may not be streaming down your face,
back against the shower wall,
knees pulled in tight,
your arms wrapped around them,
your in plain fright.

Heart beats fast,
then slow,
your in the state of the unknown,
you rest your head back,
and stare at the ceiling,
you close your eyes,
let go,
and wake up from this melancholy dream,
or is it real,
i don't know.

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