Read Between The Lines

January 10, 2014
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Blue as the sky in Spring, royal
like a kings velvet cloak.
I feel its touch of calmness, deep
deep in my soul.
Blue as the deep cobalt Atlantic, cold
cold but at ease.
It washes over me into blackness, for
an instant I feel vulnerable.
Blue as a dolphin in the morning sun, beautiful
yet fearful.

White as snow, cold
cold as ice, yet beautiful.
It passes through my veins,
keeps me alive, keeps me innocent.
White as an angel, pure
pure as life itself.
Purity pours into my heart,
it cleanses my mind, gives my spirit life.
White as a bright light, blinding
yet reveals a path to success and my future.

Black as night fall, breathtaking
yet unknown to the naked eye.
Its strength travels through me,
gives me power and courage.
Black as coal, but strong
strong as a bond of love.
It engulfs me with confidence
to see the world for what it really is.
To fight for the life I want to live,
to have a voice and to be myself.

Yellow as the sun in May, bright
bright as a volcano ready to erupt.
It saves me from doubt, despair, dread, being unhappy
like a lover.
It gives me bundles of hope
hope that one day life will be different.
It helps me smile when everything is falling apart
feeds my brain joy and happiness.
It gives me positivity and lets me know
lets me know to keep following my dreams.

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