Round And Round They Go

January 10, 2014
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They tell you who you are before you even know,
The world listens to them whether they’re right or wrong,
It’s their entertainment, it’s their fun,
But when will you people realize that enough is enough?
The new stories, all the drama,
Then you try to blame it all on karma,
But what are you getting them back for?
Your reports, like news stories, open to many doors,
For judgments and opinions,
Some one else to put their views in
Let’s go back to the topic of discussion
She knows they’re laughing so she starts cussing and fussing,
The tears she cries at night wishing her life was over
Your taunting is trucking over her feelings and running them over
To the starter of this conversation: “Your Subject is dead”
Now you’re a Murderer all because of the things you said.
How do you explain that in front of a jury?
Now your heart is crying out and you’re just so sorry.
The regret and the guilt now hover over your and take away your that dim light,
And cover your soul like a wool blanket on cold night
The rumor that started the life for some, took away the life of one
Your topic of discussion is still living or so it seems
New rumor, you killed her, now the table turned can’t you see?
Your Audience is the audience of the next lie
They laugh with you until you’re a joke in their eyes
But let’s get back to the first one
The topic which died but still walks upon us
Life is short but hers was shorter
You limited her days that were already numbered
Everyone wants to know, is she or will she be okay?
But you don’t have an answer; all of a sudden you have nothing to say

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