The Morning After

January 12, 2014
By themistakeswemake SILVER, Cherryville, Alaska
themistakeswemake SILVER, Cherryville, Alaska
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She woke up to sunlight streaming through the blinds
Her make up was messed up reminding her of her time

dragging she fell out of bed
staggering she grabbed her meds

looking in the mirror she felt no regret
just nothing from beginning to end

she shivered into the shower
she tried to wash away last night
her tears mixed with the water
as she turned towards the light

fluorescent bright on scarred skin
her eyes were empty no beauty within

grabbing a towel she stepped out into her room
she put up her hair and turned on cartoons

stumbling around in her closet she found
a cigarette, lit it
an watched the embers glow and fall
ashes, ashes we all

she smoked it down and then put it out on her arm
leaving a new little ring above an old familiar scar

her dark eyes flickered recognizing the pain
she longed for it, welcomed it, invited it in

The author's comments:
looking for music to go with it

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