John I'll Never Be

November 11, 2013
Staring through the mirror of my soul
A girl glances back at me
Staring through the mirror of my soul
A raven spreads its wings

Every male I see on the screen don’t act like me
Guess the masses don’t understand men like me

If you just stop and listen to me
You’ll understand what I mean
If you take a moment and just breathe
You’ll see eventually

I’m just a girl waiting for her day to come
Not stepping out of line, for that way would be short to go
I’m just a raven afraid of everything I don’t know
Out flying alone because I fear I’m too slow

I am not, oh, I’m not
What you expect me to be
My name is not John, God, it’s not
John is not me

I come limping, staggering from the Iron Sea
I’m a Priestess, not the Emperor you want to paint me

I’m just a quiet girl weaving on a loom
Not a man in the front lines, erecting his sword
I’m just a cunning raven working for its food
Not a potent lion, able to stare anything down

I will not, oh, I’ll not
Be what you want to see
My name will not be John, God, it won’t
John I’ll never be

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