This is the Chorus

October 1, 2013
Verse 1: above a coffee shop on 3rd avenue,

I’ve been sitting here all day and all night long

I don’t know why I’m here, but hey here i am

I’ve been writing a song, all day and all night long

Chorus: Now this is the chorus of my song

I don’t know why I’ve been singing so long.

It’s a song about loving a song about believing

because if you believe, you can achieve anything...

Verse 2: now it’s is dark and the moon is above

I’m still writing about my love

I love my family and I love all my friends

and I love to sing songs all day and all night long


Verse 3: This song's almost over, (I know, finally)
It's been going forever and all night long
It sounds like a melody as soft as the wind
I've been writing this song, and now I will sing it to you

Bridge: Because if you believe, just believe in yourself
you can go far up above...
Love in your heart all the sacred things to you
and most importantly love in yourself always, too.


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