Still Your Girl

September 22, 2013
Daddy, I see the look in your eye
As you meet the new man in my life
You're worried I'll forget you
Yes its true, I've got a new love now
But you were my first and you'll always be
Daddy, I'm still your girl
I'm still your girl
That will never, ever change
My love for you will stay the same
Daddy, I'm still your girl
I'm still your girl.
Verse 2:
I remember days when I was small
You were my hero then as you are now
You're always here when I call
I've grown up, my love has grown more too
And I've got enough love for both of you
Forever and ever, I still will be
There's nothing in this world that could change that fact
Nothing could make it come untrue
Daddy, I love you//

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racha said...
Sept. 24, 2013 at 4:53 pm
wonderful!got to my daddy and say to him:STILL YOUR GIRL!!!!!
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