At 17

September 19, 2013
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What did I do this time/life has left me scarred at 17/A permanent scar that can be healed by my prince charming/where is he at this moment/Looking at the moon? /Stuck at a red light?/ Eating dinner with his family?/ Or struggling for sight?/But why am I stuck on you?/ You are not who you have been/You’re going to lose your mind finding yourself soon/Wasn’t our hearts safe in each other’s embrace?/Our hearts were as delicate as lace/Torn apart by a storm we knew was coming/Made your gaze turn cold/Making our love old/Time turns flame to embers/We will have new Septembers/Each year a year older/A memory lost/I guess we had to pay the cost/I’ve lost you to someone you don’t even know/Tip toeing on thin ice/Hoping for the worst/But in my heart I know I’ve lost you forever/Lingering like a curse/the memory of our first kiss/Ill forever have the unforgettable memory vividly scorched in my mind/Never imagined we’d end like this/Forever your name on my lips/I feel you forget me like how I used to watch you blink/I don’t know how to be something you miss/Never imagined we’d end like this at 17/Like our last kiss/You’re the one I miss/My love, you’re the first and the last/Forever you name lays numbly on my lips.

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