Heart Rap

September 12, 2013
You want some lyrics so you can rap.
Even though I gave you my heart,
you still need a map
thought you were the one so I let you in
come to find out I was a prize for you to win
I built you up and you knocked me down
you act as if im some clown
You said you were here to stay
But I just watched you walk away
what happened to forever and always?

You said I was your soulmate
and that we were destined by fate
Our love was written among the stars
but it feels like I'm on Earth and your on Mars
If my love for you was gold,
you would already have me sold

The pot you did stir
when I saw you with her
Is this going to be our future?
full of lies and deciet
man, I'm trying to stay on my feet
So I send this to you,
cause I don't know what else to do
next time, there wont be a chance
no i don't even want to dance
in your silly game of love
damn you for making my heart flutter like a dove.

And I close this out
with no dout
in my mind
that its time
I left you behind
in the dust of an old building
while I ride away in a black limousine.

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