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Queen of Ice

September 4, 2013
By Rubythegem PLATINUM, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Rubythegem PLATINUM, Fayetteville, Arkansas
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"I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing."

Wisps of water
Frozen in the sky

Heart of
The type of love you give
Will only die

Queen of Cruelty
Extinguishing life's fire
Queen of Beauty
Or of selfish desire?

Chorus (repeated after each verse)
I've seen all your crimes
Your true identity
You've drawn many scars
You can't hide them from me
Take it as rain
Leave it as ice
Accept your sentence,
Pay the price
You're bitter like death
For the rest of your life

Wings of
Perfect yet they're black
And stained with blood

Wounded snow
Upon a slushy mud

Queen of torture
The world is full of hate
Now that darkness
Clouds the hearts that you've slain


You're imprisoned
In harm you've done
Queen of Ice
Your web is spun
We have fire
To thaw your trap
Sheath your knives
For your last stab


Your lies are aflame
And you're Queen of Ice

The author's comments:
I was bullied a lot when I was younger and still am. There is something after high school for everyone... the bullies have already reached their life's peak.

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