August 26, 2013
By KingReject SILVER, Gueydan, Louisiana
KingReject SILVER, Gueydan, Louisiana
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When you hope for the best
This is what you get
In the end

In the end you're prayin'
Beggin', Pleadin'
Not Believin'

Trying to find your shadow in the dark
Scraping up the pieces of your heart

Trade 'em in like poker chips
Or check love's bluff and go all in

Lose it all on brown eyes and a smile
And wear your pokerface awhile

When you see too much good
You don't trust what you should
As any lover would

As any lover would you're weepin'
Tossing, Turning
Never Sleepin

Holding onto Nothing through the night
Holding onto Nothing oh so tight

Nothing won't abandon you
Nothing always stands by you

Nothing never shoves you aside
When you've lost everything, in nothing you confide

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