August 20, 2013
(higher, higher x2) gotta stand up straight.
Have to face my fate.
Gotta stand my ground.
Gotta sit up tall.
But whenever I see those eyes.
They want to make me run and hide...
I can't lose this battle now.
I've gotten way too far to stop now...

Higher! Higher! High! 
And stronger! Stronger! Strong!
Gotta face my fate!
Don't you wait!
Im Gonna stand up tall 
Getting strong!
Higher! Higher! High!
I'm movin faster now!
There's no way 
You'll catch me now!
You had your chance
It's gone now.
Higher! Higher! High!

I've got my head in the clouds.
But my feet on the ground.
I've gotta path laid out.
But nothings for certain.
Put your hand in my hand.
And bring me back down again.
How can one simple touch?
Drag me back down to Earth again.
Because one thing I know...
Is that your not the one for me.
Because I know... That I have one thing in mind!
I want to soar high!

(Chorus) Higher! Higher! High!
And wiser! Wiser! Wise!
I gotta face my fate!
What don't you get?
You'll never catch me now!
I've gotten way too high!
You've lost your chance!
Don't you wait!
You better pack your bags!
Because even you know now...
You've lost your chance....

Got my head in the clouds...
And I'm not coming down...
I've gotta path laid out....
But nothings for certain.
I've got the world in my hands...
And the sky is the limit!
I have to face my fate!
But nothings ever for certain...

Cuz! Higher! Higher! High!
And Stronger! Stronger! Strong!
Wiser! Wiser! Wise!
Reaching higher...high!

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AvengeMyBrokenSong said...
Apr. 3, 2015 at 11:17 am
This is cute:) So I'm not the only music writer on here!:)
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