August 11, 2013
You’re ego is too big
And you’re pride is too boast.
You’re immaturity, that’s the thing I hate the most.

You’re laugh is too loud
And you’re eyes spell vain.
Hard to believe an ignorant heart like yours could ever keep you sane.

When you walk, you judge.
And when you smile, it’s such
A shame to see what you have become.
Almost as if what we had was never enough.

I can see it now, I can see it, it’s all around
Up and down, you’ve got it spilled out all around.
All the clues and hints you’ve given me over the years.
All the screaming and tears, music to your ears, wasn’t it?

I wish you could, oh I wish you could see,
All the pain you have caused me and
All those times you mistreated me.
All those times we spent arguin’, it was all for nothing. Because
In your eyes, I was just a prize, and now I’m a mistake in disguise.

Walk around, look, what do you see?
All your friends, they’re hatin on you and they’re lovin me.
I’m the one who told you could’ve paved the streets gold,
But yet you sell them for a heart as cold as stone.
I don’t understand, please tell me why are you mad?
All I’ve ever done was explain to you the good from the bad.

I wish I could help you out man, you know, give you a hand.
But instead you tune me out, make me look like the bad guy instead.
I could really use an explanation, but of course that would involve an invitation
One of which I don’t feel like I’ll ever receive. But of course that’s life,
There’s always some mislead.

If you could only see the way I loved you,
See what was once had. Then maybe things wouldn’t be
So very bad. But you are what you are, there’s no goin back is there?
Come and take a swing at me, do it if you dare.

Someday baby you’ll find your way, or maybe you won’t.
Doesn’t really matter to me anyway; remember those last words I spoke?
“Don’t come cryin’ back to me when you’re life starts to fall apart”
Now look at you, look at the life you’ve begun to start.

I really don’t know where to go from here.
What’s done is done, and I won’t waste any more tears.
Just go back to who you were before, a punk off the street,
And maybe one day you’ll learn how to treat someone with respect
And keep their hearts whole, now really is that so hard?

I would do it for you all over again, but you’ve lost your chance.
Now here I go, into the real world while you stay here in your pathetic stance.
Don’t you dare follow me, I don’t want you near.
Snap, poof, there you go I’ve just disappeared.

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