August 14, 2013
not the same with
only one person
playing the game

All my fingers knocking on the wood
hammers to the strings
hey hey hey,
why can't you spare a little luck
you silly leprechaun

Bring me the same deal
rub my fingers like the paper
I could pluck from the trees
Its only got a little veins
from the wrinkles
that ate at two flying planes

It said,
why don't you fly a little farther
wish a little more
You know, it only crashed
'cause the right people
kissed their children goodbye
and said

Hey hey hey,
can't you spare some luck
you silly leprechaun
Gonna miss you
when the river washes by-y-y
I've got a hundred different stains
Wishing all that I could be
was a little luckier than most,
but we've all got the same chances,
just sometimes, the world spins round

I don't see it,
but I tell myself the green flash
does hide behind the sunset,
wanting lion claws, a lion heart,
wishing for wings,
that could carry
the rest of you

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