Deep inside

July 21, 2013
Inside my head im safe and sound
No return don't back down
Keep myself from losing control
Just repeat what im told

I've got a mind of my own
it will wonder and roam
My eyes play tricks on me
Time to set free

Deep inside my mind I can be me
Thinking spinning turning flashing
Nobody tells me what to do
You can't always get your way
Don't you change
Missbehaving from a mistake

Deep inside my mind im hear
Listing creating nothing but fear
I over react no time to cut back
Change of perspective and common sense might do some good

Don't we alawys have to run
I don't have time for immaturity
You don't need to beat down
I'll get up turn back around

Deep inside my mind
I can hear for miles
No return no looking back Pillars of salt all around me
Can't you see these afflictoins

Im here but every body else just ignores me
They just don't care
So deep inside I can stay

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Fallenoutofgrace said...
Jul. 25, 2013 at 6:30 pm
This is really good don't evr say its not that good. I like the ryhme and how it kinda sounds like my life your really good at maknig your articles relate to everyone way to go. 5/5 stars again again really really really good  
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