July 2, 2013
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yes open, you're wide awake

Trapped in a covering there's no escape

Your chains are your dreams

You're caught in the break

Hands shaking, you're rebound

Sweat cascades, you're not covering ground

The chains tighten their grip

The key is nowhere to be found

Bruised and battered, at a loss

Broken and bloodied, you turn and toss

Bound to stay, you unravel

Lost in the way of the nightmares' cross

You jolt up, can't sit still

You struggle, can't break their will

Now that you're losing control

The fangs sinking take their fill

Out of the mind and into the blood

Far out of sight, letting loose the flood

How you tick is chiming its clock

The water from your head is churning the mud

You can't escape, this is your fate

Running doesn't help, no matter angled or straight

You're at the end of the line

All you can do is shutter and shake

Unbound you let loose

A cry as it ties the noose

Chains are tighter than ever

You flush away time as a recluse

Losing your mind, out of time

You shiver and shudder, running the line

Bindings encircle, time to sink

The net has been cast, to sleep is the crime

Nightmares circle endless loops

Dreams coming in run you through hoops

Just wanted to rest, wanted to sleep

Civil war rages within shattered dreams

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