Come and Rescue Me

June 8, 2013
Verse I:
You Know what is right in me,
You know what is wrong,
Come Lord, Show me more.
You know my life everyday,
You know my Single Pains,
You have washed my sins away.
Pre-Chorus I:
Why is this so difficult, Please come and Rescue me.
So come and rescue me,
Come and take my hand,
Show me step by step all that you have planned,
Im a sinful heart trapped in this world,
On long lost soul, waiting for you lord to come and rescue me.

Verse II:
I know that i am no the best,
At coming to your alter to repent,
But today im going to be,
The best christian who has ever said,
He is loved by his Holiness,
I will follow His love for me

Pre-Chorus II:I will show others to you, With no more worries i am loved by you.

Chorus x2 (first time slowed down and pieceful, second time same as beginning chorus.)

Bridge: God show me the way, this place in my heart, come back to this earth and let me be apart, of your glorious place called heaven to start, my time where ill spend eternity, next to you is where i want to be.

So come and rescue me, im so lost without you, I will keep you in my heart, I will use my love in you, just come and rescue me, help me be brave, show me your ever sign, each and every day, till you come and rescue me. (Finish slowly from till you come, to and rescue me.)

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