The Midnight Wakeup Call

June 10, 2013
A seizure of the mind, ive seen the convulsions
Your entire persona overflows with repulsion
Results in expulsion
From the public eye
you're taking it hard and breaking down, have some 2-ply
You can't deny
you say you're mistreated and cry
But that's a lie
You're better off than most of the world
Don't come pouting just because you can't get a girl
My advice: take a good long look in the mirror
Examine yourself, you'll see your problems ten times clearer
put yourself in our shoes and see how you look
If you were a book you'd have to be written in caps
louder than a wounded animal caught in a trap
You need a map
To take you in a new direction
You've failed the inspection
Your reputation's dead and in need of resurrection
Do you hate your reflection?
It's revealing of what you've become.
Find an example and follow the bread crumbs
It's not too late, but your time is not quite on your side
People's views of you can change, just swallow your pride
Inside of everyone is a desire to feel
To be wanted, to know that its real
It fills and warms us like a homecooked meal
Reveal itself in time just be patient and wait
Focus first and handle the things on your plate
Don't whine or complain because thats far from attractive
When you meet HER, like Na and Cl, highly reactive
In order to win her over you best be proactive
Make some changes in how you act, youll still be you
You'll just be more aware of other people; thats something new.
So now you choose
For you there's nothing to lose.
Absolutely nothing, my friend.

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