June 4, 2013
You'll be taken by storm
Your defeat comes in a new form
While you're sitting back
I attack you, leave you crying like a newborn
my verses are the best, why you still trying to beat it?
Ill lace your pride with cyanide then watch you eat it
You're uninspired
You're tired
You're lame
my man you're old news
While brainstorms got them all wetter than a summer monsoon
Blazing success brighter than a wildfire
My stack of awards might hit the moon if it was piled higher
I got you suckers spinning round like a broken dryer
So you're all fired
You could call me Mr. Donald Trump
You'll go straight from the high rise to the city dump
You little chump
If I'm hungry I'll eat you up for lunch
On your failures I feast, on your successes I munch
Your too insignificant though I may need some seconds
The pinnacle of achievement: I can hear it beckon.
Getting further ahead of the pack with each passing second
All my obstacles gone all the blocks I'm wrecking
Get ready for the brightest since the days of old
enemy of conformity, since I broke the mold
ideas spread faster than the common cold
Time to be bold
Or watch your aspirations smolder
your goonery's old, and excuses older
Keep your conduct up, its the highway to hell
Your wheels roll
the bells toll
But I still wish you well
Turn off course, go off the reservation
A change is necessary for your very preservation
The welcome mat is out, come back to jubilation
To dig yourself out a hole takes true dedication
Liberation from this guarded mental prison
Mental awareness is key, my senses have risen
I see all
I see what happens when you fall
I see men break down and children bawl
I see the darkness around me creeping up the walls
Through it all I hear the call, riding rough and walking tall

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