Human Nature

May 24, 2013
An ancient blue sphere rotates slowly in the universe under the cover of its clouds. Though time moves on for it, it is frozen…a silent breeze whispers through the broken windows of crumbling structures, there is a traffic jam, but no one is sounding the horn.
Everything is silent, no more people wander the streets in a hurry to get to their jobs…the sounds of the city have been silenced. No more lights burn, the clock no longer turns; everything is still; only broken by day and night.
In this place there is no time, the seasons come and go, it’s cold and dark and filled with despair. No widow cries out for her husband, no children for their parents, no men have returned and the earth spins on. Rainclouds gather in the sky, shrouding the city in darkness, an attempt by nature to cover a dark secret.
As the rain starts pounding down, and the lightning begins to flash, a wing with the letters USAF glimmers as it is cleansed of the dust. “What has happened here” the wind begins to ask receiving the silent response “It is human nature, what else?”

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