Metaphors Just Aren't My Thing

May 17, 2013
I struggle in troubled waters
As I shovel through my thoughts
I'm losing everything I've tried to gain
I'm spinning and plunging
Down further into despair and misery
I await the end of this rain
Reflection, Obsession
Unattainable perfection
I'll never be as good as I want
Is there a lighthouse or a shore?
Will I be lost forevermore?

I'm barely afloat
I can't find a place
Where I belong
I thought I would know
But in the end
All I remember are the things the world forgot
I can't stop myself
From diving into dark places
Rough ways to replace what I've lost
Looking for it in all the wrong lies
My life is drowning and falling apart as my scars begin to uncover my past

Save me from the vault I've been stocking daily with my woes
It's about to overflow
Deeply buried in my heart
The pressure is rising
Trapped inside me
How can you escape yourself when you're the only thing you know?

Performance is just the art of pretending
All my sorry life is spent on damage control
Ruin and rebuild
Just to wreck it again

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