Kitchen Floor

May 23, 2013

They tried to make a waterfall,
but they kept making avalanches
Words were heard but no one listened
empty talk of second chances

You smile and they say
"she's all better"
They go home happy
knowing they fixed you

But you still fight a raging war
sitting on your kitchen floor
calmly screaming
your heart's still beating
something's beating you down

And you wait
for the days
to blur
that way the colors aren't so dark
and you keep telling yourself
that tomorrow you'll be happier]

You tried to toe the line but then
you kept tripping up, falling down
Excuses that you've fed yourself
taste like copper in your mouth

You breathe and the air
feels so lonely
and you go home scared
that it always will


Every time you think of you
hatred burns like acid in your bones
You try to think exactly when
you began being alone

You're numb but it doesn't help
and you just get bitter
cause it never gets better
and you blame yourself


So just keep telling yourself
that tomorrow you'll be happier
It might not be tomorrow
but I promise you'll be happier

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