I'm Worth It

May 7, 2013
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He told me I was worth it when I said baby I will
He told me I was worth it when I said I'd take the bill
He told me I worth it when I had to choose
He told me I was worth it when I said good bye to you
He told me I was worth it
He told me I was perfect
And that he'd always love me
For my house he got a key
Cause he blew all his money
Spent it all on a new Wii
Next he took my dog
Sold it to a man in Hong Kong
Used the money to buy cocaine
When I got mad he complained
Said I wasn't there for him
Took my new car for a spin
Crashed into a telephone pole
Then he asked for more dinero
But when his eyes got sad
I knew I had it bad
He had taken all my food
And all my dignity, so rude
But here I was with no more cash
Except of course my secret stash
Then he took that too
That's why I'm runnin back to you
And I know what I did was wrong
But please accept my song
I'm broke in more than one way
And I've got insurance to pay
Baby you're worth it
Can I please have your wallet

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