May 13, 2013
Every day you take a dollar make a dollar make a man break a man, tear a man’s soul from his goal, from his kin. Fine livin’ ain’t such a great thing to see in this great majesty.
When every day I wake up with the same and lame intention to just fall back asleep, boy, bask in wallows and weeps, oh joy just doesn’t seem to find a way to keep from jumping right back into bottles of my life I carry around to drown the sounds.
A shadow in the sun’s bright rays.
Raise your chin these live-long days.
You’ll begin to see the world,
Without sin so love your girl.
God’s my father, gin’s my mother, club’s my brother, Pall’s my lover. Greybar hotel is a hole it’s a cold habitat. High toned ain’t such a grand thing to be when you’re not even free to see.
The truth behind the matter, there’s some chatter, it’ll shatter, it’ll shock the people livin’ breathin’ givin’ their lives to masquerading devils bringing shackles brought from kennels leading back to lead you on to the next down deeper level of this down town district of the world.
They want love to fill their lives.
I want love to live my life.
Why are some born shut down
While others live beat to the ground?

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