May 13, 2013
Verse 1: This dark gift comes, from a dark land we used to call home, somehow.
But there was born something inside us, that made us, break this dark vow.
Where are we now? It’s both majestic and unsettling; a new adventure.
Of heart and soul and, of fame and gold and, of beauty in this overwhelming fortunate world that we’ll all become a part.
Chorus 1: With that fire in the night, knowing everything’s alright, sing your heart out to the moon waiting for the sun rise.
Only clear skies in sight, shining through the highest height, it feels too right to be real; this Kind might.
Verse 2: To welcome you, into my temperate heart of steel; is hard.
Just knowing light shines on the life of, the world, a land they’ll all guard.
How beautiful! A land with trees and mountain ranges, and though how strange is
(All) all this sure gladness, though void of magic! Could it be this something in us making our wonder swell when touched by love?
Chorus 2: With that fire in the night, you know everything’s alright, these words have special meaning; they’re a spell of love!
^ (Mamama maki moki MUKU MUKU
RABE RABE howa howa)
Tremendous spirit for this fight, we’ll reach everything in sight. (Liru) A night lit by the full moon makes my blood go wild!
^ (Papapa Paparun MUNE MUNE
BETA BETA noki noki)
Chorus 3: I know what you have found, its happiness, friendship, a new perception.
I know what you have bound, to your heart and mind, a new conception.

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Pimp.Queen This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 18, 2013 at 9:56 pm
I like it.....although......not an expert, but isn't this a bit wordy for a song? And the spell talk was weird but that's personal opinion......I liked your imagery a lot
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