One Decision Gone Wrong

April 24, 2013
Meet this girl Lisa and hear her story
like so many others who chose so poorly
her life now would never be the same
and she only had her bad decisions to blame

She met Jack, and he made her feel good
said all the things a nice guy would
and not knowing that he was infected
until 3 months later when she got tested
instantly life changed, dreams rearranged
HIV is hers for all eternity

through sex it would suffice,
though it wasn’t permitted
usually by blood it is transmitted
that boy she met wasn’t committed
he turned her away his actions like ice

no protection,
led to infection
Jack was gone,
she had to move on
and face a life,
now filled with strife
just eighteen, living the dream
with a Track scholarship,
but she let it all slip

with HIV , she thought her life had ended
all of her plans would now be suspended
no college, no future now it was lost
marriage, a baby, all of it tossed
to the side for a sure death sentence
with no hope of a cure or a repentance

Like so many teens, she didn't realize
until a doctor came and opened her eyes
she wasn't alone in this world, to be sure
25% of infections were young like her
young and scared, not knowing the facts
of what to expect and how the body reacts

He set her straight on all her misconceptions
and what it meant to live with her infections
She could live a long life with daily medications
she can still love if she's careful with her relations
kissing, hugging even sexual contact
would not be lost if she kept it on track

She could still go to school and still compete
she didn't need to have a life any less complete
There were tools and resources, groups to enter
A newly established National Resource Center
for HIV and Aids prevention
among adolescents is their intention

Her life wouldn't be easy and there still are dangers
she should’a been careful in dealings with strangers

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