I Don't Care

April 17, 2013
Don’t look at me, Apathy
Just leave me be;
Set me free
From all this “I don’t care/won’t care” attitude
I think it’s really quite rude
For you to intrude [in my life]
Like this
Like this
I don’t care
I don’t don’t care
Don’t care, will not care, and shall not care
The dishes pile up;
The laundry piles up
I’ve had enough
Enough of...
This “I don’t care" mentality

You make it so hard to deal with reality
Knowing I can’t feel joy, or take pride, or have passion
In the things I loved the most
It’s the worst
You’re the worst, Apathy
I can’t go right into projects and dash in
Dash into things like I really wanted to
I need to care about you ... Apathy
Can’t you see...
You’re ruining me...
I’m so blue, because of you
This “I don’t care/will not care” attitude just won’t do
I’m so through - you’ve not a clue
Just let me demonstrate
Like this
Like this
... Or I would but--
I don’t care
I don’t don’t care to
Don’t care, won’t care, shall not care
(Please, this isn’t fair!)
The bills pile up
The filth piles up
I think I’ll just give up...
... But I don’t care

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