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{Rap:} Love is somethin everybody feels, but it's something I choose not to reveal. Everytime I do something goes wrong, then I'm back where I am now pouring my heart out in a song. It seems to be the only thing I can do, to heal. But then maybe you'll understand what it is I'm goin through. It's such a pain to have all this love built up inside, but there's no one to share it with, it makes you wanna cry.

Chorus: (Rap:) I guess that's just how life wants to go, it goes in all different directions it just goes with the flow. Then there's a change that just seems to be a surprise, then you'll see the joy in everybody's eyes.

In my life I never felt so lonely, there's times where my heart gets torn down slowly. It seems to be something I just can't get past, it doesn't just fly by but it seems to last.

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