April 17, 2013
Like a baby, fresh from the womb
A brand new car, right off the line
It felt like a bomb had gone boom
Even before that, I was doing just fine
But this was so unfamiliar to me
There was something
There was something
New about you
You had this newness
I’d never seen before
I’d never felt before
It seemed so pure
It was like the cure
To my discontent with life
The lack of balance with strife
Husband found his wife
Bride got her groom
Your newness made the flowers bloom--even in the winter

Soft, warm bread, right out of the oven
A vibrant yarn scarf, everything carefully interwoven
Pristine candles, wax just starting to melt
I thought I’d known enough about lovin’
Other peo... ple
Other peo... ple
We’d be married right outside that old steeple
Treated me like a queen--like I was regal
It felt
Like I was alive again [with you]
You had this newness
I’d never known before
I’d never been shown before
The prince had found his princess
And the princess approved of her suitor
They didn’t live happily ever after
--But they were good for each other

Ohhhh, his newness never left me bored
For my myriad of deeds I’d done this must have been my reward
When I was threatened you would brandish your shiny sword
(Hey, not so fast, mister)
I usurped your blade and this wild escapade got more intense
We upped our defense... s
Your newness rubbed off on me
It not only permeated me
But I felt a newfound sense of glee
And it was the bee’s knees
Don’t ever leave me please
Your newness keeps me going
And is
fresh-grown ripe red apple on a tree
Like a
Hot and heavy romance even though he doesn’t stand a chance
With her
With her

Your newness I’ll never cease to love
Your newness will always give me energy
Your newness has kept our love alive
Your newness stays with me even now that you’ve died
Your newness was so exceptional I just had to cry
Your newness
Your newness
Meant everything; and now it’s time

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