The Demons Within

April 16, 2013
Deep down, it feeds on us all
Every single emotion - big and small
Malevolent and even benign
It gains power, without ever showing a sign
In due time, soon it will make a climb
Ascend through the pit of your stomach and burst forth
Help! There’s a monster inside me! And it just became loose
Perhaps this could have been prevented, had you not been so obtuse
Oh no!
The demon within has burst forth
It’ll spread blackness from south to north
East to west
And all the rest
There’s only one who can save us
Only the creator and subjugate, can conquer it
Please, you must--!
Save us from your demon within

Huzzah! Horray! The beast has been slain!
The world is free, from its suffering and pain!
Or so it seemed
But within us each
There’s a monster inside
Taking you for a ride
Until it’s time, after they’ve schemed
After all you’ve dreamed
Oh no!
The demons within have broken free!
It’ll take more than one, to get this done
Should we fail, our own woes from within
Bred and fed from sin,
Shall surely win

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