Laying In This Meadow

April 12, 2013
Laying here in this meadow
hearing the rhymes of birds singing
Watching deer graze in the grass near by
seeing all the little critters roll and play
laying back in the grass looking up at the sky
seeing white clouds of all shapes and sizes
makes me use my imagination

Laying here in this meadow
using all my senses hearing, smelling, seeing, feeling
trying to connect with the wilderness around me
I see rabbits hopping all about
hear birds singing in the trees above me
smelling all these wild flowers around me
feeling the gentleness of the grasses near me

Laying here in this meadow
seeing the breeze blow the fall leafs
from the top of the trees
seeing the clouds move slowly with the
sun beaming on my skin giving me a tan
laying here in this grass closing my eyes and just
taking in all that is around me
this relaxes me in the wilderness where nothing
isn't impossible but possible
a little frog comes and hops on to my lap and makes a croak
and I say I'm glad to lay here in this meadow all around me

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