Who We Are

April 8, 2013
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Verse 1:
Life steals the need to stand
Hides the weak behind frosted glasses
Step back and breathe
Get away, run away, lose control
Let go of ourselves to find who we are

Chorus 1:
We won’t go home
Till the sun whispers hello
The lights in our eyes are the stars and the city
Walking the streets, flood our souls,
Open our wings, we were the lost
But they gave us back

Verse 2:
It’s hard to escape the rules
They tie us down behind empty faces
We suffocate
Long enough to watch them drown
And lose control, but we let go
We set them free

Chorus 1


Verse 3:
We found misery there
In the box that held our wishes
Turn the pieces of
Broken hearts, shattered dreams
Into skyscrapers, and the people shout
As the ashes rain down

Chorus 2:
We left our homes
Chasing our crazy dreams
The sun and its light disappear in our stars
And our city streets flood, our people shine
Our souls fly on our wings
We were the lost
But we took ourselves back

When the sun whispers hello
We won’t go home

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