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April 10, 2013
By sooraalsalaam GOLD, Ellicott City,
sooraalsalaam GOLD, Ellicott City,
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Favorite Quote:
"Words mean nothing until they mean something to YOU."

"Be the person you love. That way, the person who falls in love with you falls in love with what you love."

"Always keep an open mind. You never know what beauty you may find."

Do my words just pass you by?
Are they just flying thoughts?
Do you think that I'm just your little toy?

Let me tell you!
That I sing over beautiful chords
But I can't lie
I could change this pretty melody
If I wanted to
And crush your dreams with an "I"

I may seem unstable to you
But the message I am sending to you
with all the pretty words
Is how delicate your composure lies
Because it's floating on your mind

And need I remind you
I can start a fire
Because your little house and your little glass
Is oh so flammable
Your glass can burn in my spite, so...

But I choose to love you
And though it is maybe not 100%
of what I want
It's what you love
And I love you too much
To put a crack in your cement
And I love the way your pretty chords sound
Because God knows when I take over the story
Nothing goes well at all

Keep on writing
And I'll keep on living
The pages you wrote about my life
The pages of my life
I'll keep living the pages of your life

The author's comments:
A man who chooses to be what his significant other wants against his own wishes because he cares for her.

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