Me (The One and Only)

April 6, 2013
By IndoPandaBear SILVER, Cordova, Tennessee
IndoPandaBear SILVER, Cordova, Tennessee
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"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." - Sir Isaac newton

It seems like you don't know me
So, I'm here to tell you again
So you won't misunderstood again
So you'll say only what is true

I am...
A person who's gone through so much more s*** than you
A person who tries her best to keep her promises
A person who doesn't like seeing you hurting

A person who understands
That it's not my place to care for you, but still do
That no matter how hard I try, I can never get as good as you
That hates being alone more than anything in the world

I hate being left alone
I hate eating alone, sitting alone, sleeping alone
I hate it when you left me
I hate it when she left me when I was little

I cried over little things
I over complicate easy things
I am crying inside when I smile brightly
I usually cry myself to sleep

Yeah, I am that kind of person
I'm the kind who worries about the people who hates me
The kind who waits forever for a promise already broken
The type who'll love a person till time ends

But you see, not everything about me you know
I bet you don't know I liked your eyes the most
I bet you don't know how crushed I was when you left
Bet you don't know what I told myself

"It's okay,
It won't happen again.
Love comes and go, the pain will be gone
Not everyone in the world is like him, you'll be okay."

But, you know, I slowly closed my heart
And threw the key far away in the ocean
So a jerk like you won't get in
Closed it so tightly, I don't know if anyone will get in

And after you, I plan on changing
I won't cry so easily
I won't listen to your begging
I will make sure no one like you gets in

It seems like you still don't know me
Unlike you, I am never an easy target
Unlike you, I keep my promises even if I get hurt
Unlike you, I have some conscience and dignity

I'm not the type to do something without a reason
Not the type to go behind someone's back and gossip
I'm the type who'll say hateful things to your face
Instead of behind your back, only cos it's the truth

I don't care what you think of me
I'm a selfish person, I only care what I think
If you're embarrassed to be seen with me
Then just don't bother trynna be my friend

I don't care what the society sets for me
Only I can decide what is set for me
Better than anyone else, I know what's best for me
So don't even try that lie with me

Don't lie to me and promise me forever
Cos, you see, I don't usually forgive people
I don't have any use for those type of people
I hold grudges really well, you know

The only thing I can fake is my smile
My feelings are sincere
I can never fake my emotion
I'm like an open book, if you really care

That's me, the one and only
I'm a real one of a kind
I'm hard to come by,
So I suggest holding on tight and never let go

The author's comments:
Sorry for not uploading anything in so long, you guys~! I'll try to post regularly from now on.. Be Safe~!

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