Pros and Cons

April 5, 2013
verse 1:

I'm feeling like a little kid again
because if you found out about how i felt, i know it'd be the end
of everything i want, but everything we're not.

I'm feeling a bit nervous in here
but is being afraid of being in love really considered a fear,
if everyone knows what its like, to have no one by their side

oh I'm trying not to be too overbearing
but the way that you're reactings really wearing
me out
and I'm taking my time in comparing
the pros and cons of what would happen if we, like, went out.
i think we should find out.

verse 2:
Ive been feeling kind of simple minded lately.
but i like the way that you make me feel crazy its like
everything i want, but its everything we're not

and I'm feeling really lonely inside
there's too many thoughts for me to contain in my own complex mine

i really never thought
that you'd be the one i want


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