No Pity, Please

March 23, 2013
You say you’re sorry, that you feel my pain
But do you really know, how I struggle to stay sane?
You see, I draw a line, differentiating genuine good will and pure pity
With how you treat me, I could built a pity city
And in that city, everyone will just feel bad for one another
In due time, in sympathy they’ll all smother
When will my torture cease?
No! No pity, please!
No pity, please
It spreads like a disease
No pity, please
I just want my pain to be eased
So no pity, please

You try to understand how I feel and show me empathy
But in the end you fail and rain on me sympathy
It’s not your fault, you know; but you must realize
You mustn’t try so hard to care for me
When you go too far you merely sympathize
No one likes to say it, but being sorry doesn’t do a damn thing
My time of relief and reprieve shall come, and then the bell will be rung
The seraphic chorus will sound and will sing
But I must ask, until then, no pity, please
No pity, please
It spreads like a disease
No pity, please
But when from my pain shall I be released?
Just no pity, please

I just want to be understood by you
Know why I do the things I do
Believe me when I tell you my heart is true
When I say that I don’t want to be sorry in any shade or hue
I trust that you, too, can feel a little blue
Surely you know I have some kind of clue
But, I know saying that I’m sorry would only make self-loathing and guilt brew
A brew so boiling hot, fed by a flame that just grew until it blew
Now, picture that, except with me, and surely you will see
That I want none of your pity, please
No pity, please
No pity, please
Just leave me be

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