Austin and Indiana

March 7, 2013
By ChloeHunter BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
ChloeHunter BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Love is louder then the pressure to be perfect," Demi Lovato.

Hey, you over there. I know you're looking at me, but I don't mind.
Hey, I all started slow, one step at a time, I promised I'd shine for you. I shined all the way through.
Yeah. We may be young in reality,
But it doesn't matter to me.
As long as you love me.
What if life, was tearing us apart. Didn't want us to live well, didn't want us to dream?
And even when the flame goes,
I will always see the shadows of our dreams.
And look, look at what it turned out to be,
Together, we'll always be well,
And you'll always gleam to me.
Look, nothing is ever in black and white, everything is always color coated.
I guess it's usually better that way, anyway.
And us, we'll just keep on believing.
They will never catch us stopping.
And "HA"
To everyone who thought it was just stupid young love.

The author's comments:
Austin and Indiana are characters from "Mori Plac." My novel, which will hopefully be up on my page soon!

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