Chalk on the Asphalt

February 25, 2013
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I almost dreamed it could be true,
I thought forever friends were me and you.
'Cause when we each wandered alone,
At times I felt I didn't belong.
But you were right there by my side,
And you'd bend down and start to write

Chalk on the asphalt
Pictures in the sand
And a little face smiles,
As we laugh and dance
One more summer day goes by,
And promise to hold me at you side
'Cause I don't work well on my own,
And you, my friend, may be right about me

Joined at the hip, me and you.
Stay up and talk the whole night through.
And together I'd be live and wild,
But your other friends saw me mild.
And maybe you'd pull away,
But then you'd write, and I'm okay,

Chalk on the asphalt
Pictures in the sand
And you'd grow diverse,
But still held on to my hand
One more summer day goes by,
And promise to hold me at your side
Cause we just started to grow apart,
And you, my friend, may just be right about me

We stopped talking when you moved,
I thought I'd never have a friend like you.
And when you came back around me,
I had not a friend, I'm sure you could see.
But I saw the coolness in your eye
When in the hall, you passed me by

And sometimes I miss the days that passed,
And hit myself for thinking that.
So nothing in sand is ever true,
And rain has come between me and you.
But I wish that I could be calm all again
When you write next to my name: best friend.

No more chalk on the asphalt
Or pictures in the sand
And id see you now and again,
But you're no longer my friend.
One more summer day goes by
No one to hold me at their side
Cause you grew strong while I was weak,
And you, old friend, may still be right about me.

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LexusMarie said...
Mar. 30, 2013 at 11:38 pm
Ha, how weird.. I posted the comment right under this but I guess I was logged out when I put it. Anyways, so yeah that was me who wrote that. c:
. said...
Mar. 30, 2013 at 11:35 pm
Hello! This is lovely.. it's so easily relatable and it's just written so nicely. I wish my writing was so fluent and easy to read along to.. it's almost as if a song that I can see myself singing along to. This is really great and I added it to my favorites and gave it a 5/5. Thanks for sharing such a piece.
OldYoungOne said...
Mar. 11, 2013 at 2:51 pm
Its very sad but very true. I like how the words floated through my head to sing  a sad song... Well done. I've felt this more than a thoudand times.
OldYoungOne replied...
Mar. 11, 2013 at 2:52 pm
Wow I just realized it was a song O.o Welll I still live it none the less
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