Hook Her In The Flesh

February 19, 2013
By EliHiebert PLATINUM, Surrey, Other
EliHiebert PLATINUM, Surrey, Other
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Little femy so pretty
Small daughter in the city
My creation and temptation
Thriving begging for your pity
Growing up in a well
While I hide in my shell
Go to school where the rule
And the penalties dwell
Angel like a bird
With a mind that’s blurred
Never in the moment
Nothing ever occurred
Watch the way that she moves
Like a muffin that’s fresh
Stick a fork in my baby
Hook her in the flesh

Big wheels at sixteen
Strange things I have seen
Lots of money lots of cars
Friends and vocabs unclean
They hang around my turf
Which is fine by me
I like a little regard
And some company
And I know that she loves me
She says with smoky breath
But the things that she does
They remind me of death
Tattoo on a field
I have never seen
Responds to the nickname
Little devil queen
She loves what is big
She’s the centre of the mesh
She’s an addict for flame
Hook her in the flesh

After down on the town
My dearest came home
With a feel like sugar
And a raunchy syndrome
A face that was soaked
In wet sweat and experience
I doubled taked her in the darkness
Hadn’t noticed her appearance
Fish nets, high heels
Finger gloves made of leather
Ruff hair, pierced tongue
Short skirt despite the weather
I stood up and yelled
But I ran out of voice
Daddy what did you think
This was my first choice
If it helps then I would
Love a refresh
But my baby’s getting reeled in
Hook her in the flesh

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