through the flames

February 15, 2013
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through the flames, through the wicked and twisted games, through the moments that we went insane, we kept going back to when we would react to the smack of each other the stab of each others back, we were lovers, we were fighters, and we sparked just like them lighters ready to ignite and start a fight at any minute, so every day i spent it trying to avoid the wrong glance, the wrong posture or stance we were caught up In a trance a dance with the beast of beauty and at least we were trying our best but our love started dying so quickly and don't get me wrong there was no denying a reason to move on, but instead we would just move along and our nights were so long as they were spent on crying our eyes out to that one sad songs so knowing there was no where left to turn i let the memories of us being happy burn and started denying that we ever had something to begin with and that's where I'm left, clueless, not knowing how to do this, all i know is that like Judas I'm leaving you with a kiss, and i wish you the best for the rest of your life, and i take up this knife and plunge it straight into my chest as at long last i go to my place of saving grace, peace, and rest.

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